65 Apologetics Questions Every Christian Parent Needs to Learn to Answer

This one is for all the parents, grandparents, or anyone who has an influential role in the spiritual life of a young family member.

At some point, everyone starts asking questions about their faith. You did and still do… and that is great. Usually when I finally find the answer to a question, one of my first responses is, “Why didn’t someone tell me this sooner?” Partly, it’s my fault for not expressing the question to anyone and partly the fault of others for not letting me know that I could express them.

I would encourage you to take a look at this post from Christian mom blogger Natasha Crain. Take a moment to realize that these questions are out there. Some of them you have asked yourself, some of them your kids are already thinking about. Then I encourage you to take the plunge to talk with your kids; admit to them that you don’t know everything (it’s ok, they’ve probably figured it out on their own already), tell them about some of your own concerns that you have as a Christian, and then offer to join them on the journey to finding the answers. I guarantee you both will learn something new about yourselves and each other along the way.


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