The Teleological and Moral Arguments

Today we concluded our look at three arguments, two scientific and one philosophical, whose conclusions point us toward a divine being.

The Cosmological argument states is based on the scientific evidence for the beginning of the universe. The Teleological (design) argument is based on the fine-tuning that scientists have discovered on various levels like the universe, our solar system, and in the biological realm. Finally, the moral argument is based on our ability to sense moral obligations.

I briefly mentioned that we can derive some attributes of this divine being from the information provided:

  • Cosmological: self-existing, immaterial and eternal, outside the universe, and extremely powerful (created out of nothing).
  • Teleological: extremely intelligent and has a purpose
  • Moral: morally perfect and personal (only persons can make choices)

If these conclusions are correct, we have just invalidated all non-theistic religious worldviews. Next week, Diane Q will walk us through why Christianity is more likely to be true than the other theistic religions as we look at the Reliability of the Bible.


For those who were unable to join us this week, here are the notes and worksheets:

notes | worksheet