We want your votes!

I hope you have enjoyed going through some of the foundations of the Christian faith with us the last few weeks. From the existence of God to the Resurrection, we have looked at how we have good reasons for what we believe and can hold our ground when confronted with differing views.
As we look forward, we have seven sessions between Easter and the end of the spring semester. For those weeks, we would like to go over some more specific areas that we have concerns with, doubts about, or have been confronted on. Here is a list of available topics to choose from:

  • Tactics in Defending the Faith
  • Never Read a Bible Verse
  • Decision Making and the Will of God
  • Relativism: What is Truth?
  • Abortion
  • Homosexuality
  • Religious Pluralism: Do All Roads Lead to God?
  • Atheism
  • The Trinity
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Evolution
  • College Prep: Who’s Waiting for Your Kids?
  • Faith or Works – Paul vs. James
  • God, Time, and Eternity
  • What About People Who Have Never Heard the Gospel?
  • Hell: The Terrifying Truth
  • Love Your God With All Your Mind
  • On Being a Virtuous Christian: Ethics in a Fallen World
  • Does God Know the Future
  • Christianity – The First Three Centuries
  • The Lost Virtue of Happiness: A Biblical Perspective on Depression
  • How Science Has Shown the Bible is Right about Marriage and Sex
  • The Intolerance of Tolerance
  • God in a Box: Drawing Proper Boundaries for Orthodoxy
  • Naturalism: Bumping into Reality

The polls will be open from March 20 (Palm Sunday) to March 27 (Easter Sunday). Please tell us your top seven choices from the list above; either during class on March 20 or in the comments section below. The most-voted topics will be the ones that we cover.