Q&A: If reincarnation is true, where do new souls come from?

So, I was listening to a discussion between a Christian and a New-Age Mystic one day when this question randomly popped into my head.

Reincarnation is the belief that a soul is born multiple times into new bodies or life forms. The soul travels on an eternal path living in one body for a time, dying, and then entering a new body to live again.

The purpose? To serve out karma from previous lives and thus eventually reach a state of perfect enlightenment where additional human lives are no longer necessary. Karma is the result or consequences of bad actions or evil deeds – the idea of reaping what you sow if we put it in biblical terminology. Or, it can mean reward in a future life for something done right or good in a present life.

My question is, If each of us is a reincarnated soul from a previous life and so on into the past, how do they account for population growth? Obviously there were not as many people today as there were 50 years ago and there were even less the further back we go in time.

Since I have absolutely no authority on this topic, I will simple provide a number of resources that I came across that touch on what is being asked.

  • This article from spiritual-awakening.net discusses where souls come from through the lens of a new-age worldview.
    • “intelligent energy” forms consciousness in lifeforms, gradually focusing the consciousness until, over millions of years of evolution, it becomes a focal point of unified conscious energy, or a spirit. The spirit then is reincarnated through each life, gaining experience through different stages of existence until finally reaching completeness, where you get absorbed into “all that there is”.
    • Put simply, we brought ourselves into consciousness only to work our way into non-existence. There appears to be no real purpose to the reincarnation process on this view.
  • This article from personalityspirituality.net discusses the issue of world population directly and, through some interesting mathematical tricks and guesswork, claims that there are more people dead in history than are currently alive today.
    • It is an interesting idea, but doesn’t speak towards my particular question.
    • He also outright refuses the possibility that reincarnation is false without any reasoning.
  • This article from near-death.com discusses the possibility of reincarnation actually being a biblical concept. I’ll leave this one for you to decide if the argument is valid…

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