CBE: Gods at War

We are now half-way through the book of Exodus and have read some amazing accounts of God’s power and continued work towards fulfilling his covenant. Today I want to delve a bit deeper into the plagues of Egypt. What was the purpose of them? Why did God use these particular actions against the Egyptians?
Scholars have determined at least four major purposes to the plagues:
  1. To destroy the gods of Egypt
  2. To defeat Pharaoh
  3. To humiliate the Egyptian religious order
  4. To redeem the people of Israel
Instead of trying to re-write all of the great work out there on this topic, I recommend reading the following article from Knowing the Bible. They have compiled a great amount of information and detail focusing on the second purpose of the plagues, the destruction of the Egyptian gods.
As we continue reading towards the establishment of the nation of Israel and their laws, we are able to look back and see that from Abraham up to this point, God’s dealing with his people and those around them has been consistent and straight-forward. For those who follow and trust in Him, blessings and redemption. For those opposed to Him, judgment and eventual destruction.

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