Is Jesus really the only way to God?

Yesterday we began discussing the exclusive claims of Jesus. It used to be that when someone said that Jesus is the only way to salvation, non-Christians would vehemently disagree on the merits. However, with society shifted to an understanding of “tolerance” where all views are equally valid, we now are laughed of and called names like bigot or intolerant (I’ve been called both myself).

Many people still argue that Jesus didn’t exist. He’s just a fictional character invented by (fill in the blank) to support the Christian oppression of (fill in the blank). The problem with that is that we have historical evidence in support of Jesus being an actual person who lived in history. The events surrounding the resurrection itself are documented and mostly uncontested by critical scholars.

So, we have evidence to support Jesus is a real person. What about the claims he made? If we take the New Testament documents to be accurate, we need to take his claim that he is the only way to salvation seriously. Here are a few articles to help us think through this question:

Is Jesus the Only Way?

No Other Name (Part1)|(Part 2)



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